The story only gets better from here.


I think this is one of my favourite pages in the whole Bible. Knowing what’s just around the corner, the excitement that the story only gets better from here.

What was spoken by the Old Testament prophets becomes living, breathing humanity as Immanuel comes: God is with us.

The power of the Gospel hidden in a helpless babe, the Messiah born to the humblest of beginnings.

And the story just gets better from here.

Because the best is yet to come, and yet the Best came as the least among us, but with the greatest gift.

Because this King, who came to rule and reign, instead chose to bear my shame and went to the cross. Saving his glory for a later day, when he rose from the grave in triumph over sin and death and the power of hell.

And the story just gets better from here.

Because in all the things the prophets said, some yet remain a promise.

Because he now sits at the right hand of the Father, waiting to be sent again in completion of a story whose first breath was breathed before light ever cracked the sky in the dawning of time.

But this page. This agonizing and exhilarating moment as a broken and dying earth catches her breath in expectation of redemption in the form of a humble babe.

And the story just gets better from here.