Risky business.

Love is a risk.

This week, God presented my sister and I with an opportunity- something that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. In fact- it was something we had discussed doing, but had closed the door. It wasn’t for us. It wouldn’t fit our lifestyle. We were comfortable with things the way they were.

But Jesus had another plan. He presented us with this need, an opportunity to love like He does. A big, messy, just-say-yes kind of love.

And so like humans do, we weighed our options. We thought through the potential outcomes. We calculated risk. And then we jumped off the cliff.

Love is a risky thing.

It can be uncomfortable.

It can seem too big.

It’s not always convenient.

But it is a privilege. To love like Jesus is to become more like Him… To be His hands, and His feet, and His heart… That’s when we learn to die to ourselves.

In the middle of making this decision, in the struggle between obeying the Voice telling us to just say yes and the desire to stay within our comfort zone, while we were still weighing the risks, I came across a quote that kind of rocked my safe and secure little world.

“God risked Himself on me.
I will risk myself on you.
And together, we will learn to love,
and perhaps then, and only then,
understand this gravity that drew Him,
unto us.”

-Donald Miller

It’s part of a larger (very beautiful) passage in a book he wrote, and I am taking it out of context somewhat. But I think it fits not only here, but in a lot of life’s situations.

I want those words to define my life.

Love is a risk.

But if it means I can be more like Jesus, that I can better understand His heart, then I am saying yes.

And I’m jumping off the cliff.

So blessed.

Lately I have been struggling with life seeming too “normal.” I’m comfortable. Complacent. Drifting.


In frustration, I complained about my feelings to a friend, and she admitted to feeling the same way. We commiserated, half-heartedly encouraged, and went on our ways.

And this morning I was so convicted.

I woke up to sunshine (a first in a while- so. much. rain.), drove to the job I love, in my fantastic blessing of a car, and as I was driving… There was a nudge. A reminder to be thankful.

And so me and Jesus had a chat. Just me and Him, in my car, quiet. Me being thankful. Him reminding me of how blessed I am.

The best part?

I’m always here, you know. We can do this any time.

And I felt so silly. So inadequate to deserve the things He’s given me. Those boring times? They’re good for me too. And in the big picture, I’m just so blessed.

So here is my line in the sand: I’m blessed. That’s all there is to it.

In these quiet, hidden times when it’s easy to get frustrated with the status quo- I’m blessed.

It won’t always be like this, and something tells me that I might just look back and think that these were the days 🙂