Big dreams.

I think we’re all created to dream. To reach for the big things that are just beyond our grasp.

I don’t know about you… but I tend to keep those dreams quiet. I keep them to myself. There’s just something about speaking them out loud that is slightly terrifying, and so I don’t. Why run the risk of failure? Or of having your dream rejected by the person you share it with?

Silence is safer. But it can also be the place where dreams go to die. And I don’t want to be ok with letting that happen.


Yesterday, I took a leap and broke the silence on a really big dream. It was scary, and risky, and the potential for disappointment was huge.

Instead, I watched someone else’s eyes light up at the possibilities I had contemplated quietly for so long. I watched them embrace the vision of this too-huge-for-me thing, and say- this can happen. We can do this.

My God delights in big dreams. He loves to inspire them in us, and He’s blessed even more than we are when they come to be reality.


And I think that this really big dream is coming to life.

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