Seasons don’t last forever.


I’m not a huge fan of snow, and I’ll be the first to say that winter is not  my favourite season. But somehow it always surprises me how short these winter months are. So much time spent dreading it, and then almost before you realize… temperatures are inching closer to bearable, gigantic mountains of snow are dwindling away, and you begin to notice the warmth of the sun again.

I think that’s something I tend to stumble over in other areas of my life, too. I’m a chronic over-thinker (no, really?!), and I’m realizing lately just how much energy I expend by worrying over temporary things. Or how I stress out over inevitable or not-worth-it things.

Just like God promises springtime, He promises His grace and victory. And we can trust Him to come through for us.

I’m so thankful for that, and I want to see life from that vantage point more readily.

Spring is coming, folks  : )

2 thoughts on “Seasons don’t last forever.

  1. aw yes, good thoughts. and i am introspective too and over analyze.

    something i read today: It can be treacherous to look at waves in the distance. Fix your eyes on Jesus. By the time the waves reach you, they will have shrunk to proportions of Jesus’ design. He is besides you helping you with TODAY’s waves. The future is a phantom, seeking to spook you…

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