‘Tis the Season…

I love Christmas.

I love everything about it: the music, the lights, decorations, goodies, giving gifts, seeing friends and family, and celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

But then it got stressful.

I don’t know how or why, but this week has taken Christmas from pure enjoyment, to plain craziness, and I hate that feeling.

There are two more Christmas parades to participate in for work. The last two… out of six. Thank God that after this weekend I won’t have to worry about those! As much fun as they are, those are weekday evenings and weekend mornings/afternoons that are leaving me running around, instead of catching my breath.

The list of church commitments is growing. It’s normal for me to be a part of our instrumental ensemble each year, but this year I’m also involved in the vocal ensemble. And as a Sunday School teacher, my class has to prepare a presentation. So there are practices, and performances, and nursing home visits. All good stuff, but right now… it’s just adding.

And the shopping. I love giving gifts- it’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas. And this year, I was all about being pro-active; planning ahead, starting early, and buying a lot online. But now, one of the things I was most excited about, the gift that my sister and I were planning to give our younger siblings, has fallen through. Not only is that fairly disappointing, but we’re left scrambling at the last minute.

Then there’s the family. My dad was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday evening after having a minor (very minor) stroke. It’s nothing super serious at this point, just a wake-up call for his doctors that they need to re-evaluate the medications he’s on for managing some other health issues. But of course, it adds stress and worry.

I hate that the season feels this way for me right now.

But then last night I led the time of worship for our small group. And at the end, as I was praying to close, I was so humbled again by the thought of Jesus coming to earth in such a lowly way. He was the epitome of humility, and yet He was the Son of God, who would rend the veil and allow us communion with our God and Saviour. That’s what I want Christmas to be about for me. I don’t want to complain, I don’t want to stress… I just want to revel in the glory and mercy of God.

Easier said than done, yes. However, that’s the meditation that I want to fill my heart.

Not how stressful the season is.

But that HE is.

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