I rushed out the back door of my building and headed towards my car.

Another morning spent hurriedly preparing for the day.

I got in, tossed my bags onto the passenger seat, and turned the key into the ignition. After shifting my car into gear, I reached to turn on the radio.

News? Or Christmas music? Definitely the music.

But before my finger made contact with the power button, my hand stilled.

Just be still. For these all-too-short minutes, listen to the One who covets your heart.

And so I did.

Those next fifteen minutes, I allowed myself to rest in communion and prayer as I headed towards my busy day.

Then at the end of the day, when I was ready to head home, it stayed quiet.

And He spoke to my heart. I was encouraged, and strengthened, and reminded of how He is working in my life to bring honour and glory to His name.

I don’t think the radio has been on since.


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